Youth Program Guidelines

Youth Calendar

This document is designed to establish the guidelines for the Inland Empire Ski & Sports Club (IESSC) Youth Program.

For the purpose of the Youth Program, Youth is defined as all persons aged seventeen (17) and younger.

The Youth Club will operate as a club within a club, and will be under the direction of IESSC.

Purpose: The purpose of the Youth Club is to promote, assist and encourage youth participation in all sports and academic activities, however, more emphasis will be placed on snow skiing.

Membership: Membership is limited to those youth that prescribe to the rules and guidelines of the program, and have one or both parents as members in good standing with IESSC, or sponsored by member in good standing with written signed consent from one or both parents of non-members.

Dues: None. However, youth are required to participate in at least two fund raisers in a calendar year.

Exceptions: Any youth not participating in the required fund raisers will be required to pay their fair share to be determined by the Directors).

Officers: The officer of the Youth Club will consist of Youth Director, Assistant Director and Trip Leaders.

Meetings: The Youth Club will meet at the discretion of the Youth Director. However, the meetings should be held prior to IESSC's regular monthly meeting. All items and discussions presented at the Youth Meeting will be presented at the regular meeting for approval.

Trips: IESSC will pay all the transportation and lift tickets for youth attending Winter Carnival, Mini Summit and Summit, and any local ski trip sponsored by IESSC.

Conduct: All Youth will conduct themselves in an appropriate manner so as not to bring discredit to the club. Any Youth Club member demonstrating an unruly attitude, or violating the rules or guidelines, or failing to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner will be barred from any trips sponsored by the club. The use of illegal drugs and alcohol is prohibited, resulting in immediate suspension from the club. They will not be eligible for IESSC support.

Support: IESSC will support any community youth in any sport, providing it is an organized amateur sports activity, and attendance can be verified by IESSC. Support is not available for equipment, clothing, or facilities.

Care: Chaperones will be provided at all club functions.

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