Inland Empire Ski & Sports Club (IESSC)
P.O. Box 51261

Riverside, CA 92517

Please join us at the NBS Western Region's Urban WinterFest 2017!
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Club History

The Inland Empire Ski and Sports Club (IESSC) was formed in 1983 and joined the National Brotherhood of Skiers (NBS) in 1984. IESSC is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to serving the Inland Empire counties of Riverside and San Bernardino. The primary purpose and goal of IESSC is to identify, develop and finance the training of future African American Winter Olympians and by their presence, present to the world a more homogeneous representation of the United States of America in its Olympic endeavor. All training funds are provided through donations, local fund raisers (i.e. Golf Tournament, New Year’s Eve dinner/dance, Trips, Bowl-a-Rama etc.).

The NBS is a non-profit organization comprised of sixty-nine predominately African American ski clubs throughout the United States. The NBS is sectioned into four geographic regions: Eastern, Midwest, Rocky Mountain and Western (IESSC's home). This structure provides an effective vehicle for the funneling of ideas, solutions and efforts, and is a major reason for the phenomenal success of the NBS. Some national and/or regional sponsored fund raising activities include the NBS Annual Meeting and Challenge Cup race (AMCC), NBS Western Region (WR) Winter Carnival (traditionally held over the Martin Luther King Jr., holiday weekend), and NBS WR Summer Carnival.

IESSC also serves as a perfect tool for providing social activities for adults in the Inland Empire. Activities do not stop when the snow is gone. Some summer activities include: summer pool parties, summer carnival, beach parties, houseboat trip (held over Labor Day weekend at Lake Mead), picnics, camp-outs, New Year's Eve dance and many more.

IESSC is more than a ski club ... most members have been involved for many years and that is what makes this club a family.